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Nylon Extruder Machine with Air Cooling Hot Face Pelletizing System

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Базовая информация

Модель:  TSH-75

Описание продукта

  • Model NO.: TSH-75
  • Plastic Processed: PP
  • Usage: Plastic Forming Machine
  • Raw Material: PP PE Granules
  • Output: 330~850
  • Motor: Motor
  • Transport Package: Neutral Packing
  • Origin: Jiangsu, China
  • Type: Pipe Extruder
  • Product Type: Granulating Extruder
  • Color: Color Choice(DIY)
  • Processing Type: Plastic Thermoforming Machine
  • Machine Type: PE PP ABS Extruder
  • Trademark: TENDA
  • Specification: W6Mo5Cr4V2 or38CrMoAl
Nylon Extruder Machine With Air Cooling Hot Face Pelletizing System 
Produce Show

   The company concentrated on research development and manufacturing "high level, accurate, highly sophisticated series product -Co-rotating parallel "cordwood" twin screw extruder. We have provided customer first-class products with strong torque, high production, energy conservation and environmental protection products.
Nylon Extruder Machine with Air Cooling Hot Face Pelletizing System
Paraments :


TYPE Dia(mm) L/D Speed(rpm) Motor(kw) Torque(N.M) Output(Kg/H)




22 32-60 400 3 4.8 2-10
600 4 4.8 2-10



30 32-56 400 7.5 4.8 5-30
500 11 4.8 5-40
600 15 6.6 15-55



35.6 32-60 400 11 4.6 20-60
500 15 4.2 30-70
600 22 6.1 40-95



41 32-60


22 6.0 40-110
500 30 5.5 70-150
600 37 6.8 90-170
TSH-52 51.4



45  5.1  120-220 
500  55  5.2  155-275 
600  75  7.1  200-355 
TSH-65 62..4 32-64    400  55   4.8 160-280 
500  75   4.8 220-380 
600   90  5.9 220-400 
TSH-75 71 32-64  400  110   4.6 330-550 
500  132   4.6 330-660 
600   160  5.5  500-850
TSH-85 81 32-64  500 200   5.8 600-1000 
 600 220   5.3  650-1100
 600 280   6.7  850-1400
TSH-95 93 32-64  500 250  4.7  750-1250 
 600 315  5.0  950-1600 
600  450  7.1  1350-2250 
TSH-120 116 32-56 400  315  4.4  950-1600 
500 450  5.0  1350-2250 
500 550  6.1 1800-3000 
TSH-135 133 32-48 400  550 4.4 1650-2750 
500 750  5.0  2250-3750 
500  900  6.1  3000-5000 

Our advantages of twin screw extruder :

1, Modular principle design for screw configuration andbarrel setup makes combination and cleaning convenient ,also easy to adapt to customers' requirements .

2, Different kinds of pelletizing modes can meet specific material properties: water-cooling strand pelletizing,

air-cooling hot-cut pelletizing, water-ring pelletizing,under water pelletizing, etc.

3, Screw elements and kneading blocks are made of high tool steel , with high corrosion-resistant and high wear-resistant.

4, Barrels are made of high quality nitrided steel ,corrosion proof and antifriction.

5, Vacuum system fulfills devolatilization to ensure the quality of polymer processing.

6. Famous brand parts and our own processing lathe

7.CE & ISO & TUV certification

TSH Series Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder are widely used in the compounding modification field, like the

filling, reinforcement, toughening of plastics, engineer plastics and thermoplastics, and also for the special

fibers and adhesive process according to the max screw rpm and its torque rating,main products are classified as TSH & TDH series.

Nylon Extruder Machine with Air Cooling Hot Face Pelletizing System

Process Flow

Nylon Extruder Machine with Air Cooling Hot Face Pelletizing System

1.Metering feeder                2. Twin screw extruder              3.Air-cooling hot-face pelletizer     4.Cyclone                  5.Vibrating sieve
Enforcing modification:PE, EVA etc. + CaC03, Talc, Ti02, Carbon black

Degradable master batch:PE, PS etc. + starch, additive etc.

Anti-flame master batch:PE, EVA etc. + Sb203, Mg(OH)2, A12(OH)3 etc.

The scope of supply  



Name Number Model
1.0 Twin-screw metering feeder 1set 1.5KW

Twin-screw compounding extruder

   2.1 Twin-screw extruder 1set TSH65B/600-90-44
   2.2 Soft-water cooling system(External) 1set 0.55KW
   2.3 Fcrced vacuum exhaust system(External) 1set 1.5KW
   2.4 Hydraulic screen changer  1set  
3.0 Air-cooled die face hot pelletizing system    
    3.1 Extrusion die mold head 1set  


Hot die face pelletizer 1set  
    3.3 Material handing,cooling,screening devices 1set  
    3.4 Finished silo 1set  
4.0 Electrical contral system 1set  
5.0 Random spare 1set  
6.0 Random information 1set  

Product Details
Nylon Extruder Machine with Air Cooling Hot Face Pelletizing System

Packing & Shipment

Our machine is fisrt painted with anticorrosive oil, and then wrapped in the plastic film before it is finally packed in the wooden case.
Packing :Wooden case for export, fit for multiple handing and long distance marine shipping.
 Delivery time: Within 30 Days.

Nylon Extruder Machine with Air Cooling Hot Face Pelletizing System

Company Information
Nylon Extruder Machine with Air Cooling Hot Face Pelletizing System

Our Service

Presales service:

>Introducing in detail features and application of the products to customer

>Selecting economical and practical machine & equipment for customer

>Providing operation data of the related machine & equipment

>Providing means of trial performance for customer

Sales service:

>Recommending engineering conditions required for installation of the machine & equipment

>Communicating in time the manufacturing progress of the machine with user

>Providing assistance in technical conditions, screw combination and barrel disposition needed for product

After-sales service:

>Providing on-the-spot technical assistance in installation, commission and training

>Filling in detail customer's information

>Providing long-term maintenance service and spare parts

>Giving technical support to customer for developing new product

>Providing free maintenance for a year

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer? 
A: We are factory.We have the technical production team,and the workers are all very experienced.

Q: Why choose you? 
A:1)You can get a very fair price from us and our price can make you beat your competitors in the market.
2) Ou r Excellent Service 
For a quick, no hassle quote just send email to us
We promise to reply with a price within 24 hours - sometimes even within the hour.
If you need an advice, just call our export office at +86 025 52296133, we will answer your questions immediately.
3) Our quick manufacturing time
For Normal orders, we will promise to produce within 30 working days.
As a manufacturer, we can ensure the delivery time according to the formal contract.

Q: What kind of certification do you have? 
A: Our products have obtained ISO9001 and CE certification,the quality can be guaranteed.We focus on the field of extrusion machine,and aim to be the best manufacturer of this field.

Q:What's the payment?
A:L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram.

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