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plc control single screw plastic extruder

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Модель: TSE-20

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Product Description


Technical information for Screw Element and Segmented Barrel:
Base Materials: 1)W6Mo5Cr4V2 Technicals: Heat treatment Technical parameters D/d ratio:1.55
2).38CrMoAlA Nitriding treament Nitrided layer depth:>0.4mm
  Vacuum quenching Nitrided hardness:900-100HV



Packaging & Shipping

     High quality screw element for parallel co-rotating twin screw extruder 1. Be brushed anti-corrosive oil on screw barrel. 2. Packed with film. 3. Packed in the wooden. 10-30days for parallel co-rotating extruder screw element.


Our Services


     Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd. is a High-Tech company. Our firm is composed of a strong team which has substantial experience in R&D, manufacture, technique and sales service and has specialized in extruder industry for ten years. We are now devoted to highly active single / twin screw compounding extruders and interrelated techniques. According to the material system and technical process, we have achieved the optimization of structural design for mixing equipment and combine electromechanical and technique systems together, which show our many years' experience and comprehensive techniques.

     Our products are single screw extruders, co-rotating twin-screw compounding extruders,two-stage compounding extruders, auxiliary equipment, etc.

    Believe yourself, and cooperating with HAISI is your wise decision; believe us ,since "high quality and service" is our promise forever!


1. Q: How about Haisi? 

    R: Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd. is a High-Tech company. Our firm is composed of a strong  

        team which has substantial experience in R&D, manufacture, technique and sales service and has

        specialized in extruder industry for ten years,leading screw barrel manufacturer in China.

2. Q:What's Haisi capacity? 
   R:Company is in strict accordance with CE and ISO9001 quality certification system.There are over 200

       models of extruders and spare parts.


3. Q:What's the delivery time? 

    R:for regular size, we have finished stock and semi-finished stock, 2weeks max enough

        for customized, normally 3~4weeks.


4.Q:How about Haisi screw barrel quality and price? 
   R:Germany Technical invested, top quality in China with competitive price and globle after-sale service

5. Q:How to make sure the screw suitable for my extruder?  
    R:Let's know what size you want and we can check it with our drawing.We have lots of 

        BEX,KMD,CMT,AMUT, Weber,Haitian,ChenHsong,ChenDe,Tedric,JSW, ect. If your  extruder is made in

        China,it's easy to  get the original drawing.Any way,Our engineer can measure in your factory, his English         is good,so cost is saved.

6. Q:what's the life time and guarantee buy from Haisi screw barrel?
    R:3~5years life time for nitriding ones and bimtallic ones will be longer 
        One year min. Guarantee.

7.Q:Where is Haisi factory and how to reach there? 
   R:At Lishui,Nanjing City,Jiangsu Province. It's near Shanghai City,If you want to visit us,we can pick up you    


8.Q:How to contact with you? 
   R:just reply to me if have any question. 

      Sale Hotline:13951011365   13509019010  13702782074  13951785986  13924568789  13922535145


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